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Create a Multi-Vendor Booking System Without Coding

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Create a Multi-Vendor Booking System, enables you to create a subscription-based, and start your own business while earning money.

Create a Multi-Vendor Booking System ,Booknetic SaaS enables you to create a subscription-based, multi-vendor booking system and start your own business while earning money. 온라인카지노

One of the best aspects of Booknetic SaaS is that you can create your own booking system in minutes

Even if you don’t know how to code. Yes, you read that correctly. How does it work? Let’s keep going?

Booknetic SaaS is a subscription-based service that allows users to schedule and book appointments online.

With Booknetic SaaS, you can start making money by providing your customers with appointment services in just a few clicks.

Assume there is an industry gap in the field of appointment booking in your country

But there is no business/company that serves the various businesses to manage their online bookings by simply subscribing.

In this regard, you have decided to launch an Appointment Booking Startup to fill this industry gap by implementing Booknetic SaaS, for example, by first advertising your service in beauty salons.

They will sign up for your system, pay $19 per month, and receive a sub-URL from your service for the beauty salons.

They have begun to accept online bookings from customers by adding this URL to their social media platforms and websites.

Also use their own URL QR Codes (JPG) to run ads on social media platforms: Scan now and start online booking!

Yes, you will only be concerned with the promotion of your own venture, i.e. customer acceptance. Booknetic SaaS handles everything else on its own.

You will be selling the Booking system, which is an extra feature for your own customers, as well as new features with monthly updates.

It is optimally designed for security and scalability, making it an excellent choice for companies looking to expand their customer base.

Booknetic SaaS also provides a number of features to assist businesses in growing, such as the ability to accept online payments through Paypal, Stripe, Square, Mollie, Razorpay

And WooCommerce. Businesses will be able to provide their customers with a complete online booking experience with the help of these features.

Booknetic SaaS is the most comprehensive and modern solution for online appointment booking if you want to create a multi vendor booking system.

You don’t have to do anything; it provides a complete solution. It is also the only complete solution.

In general, such a system does not exist in the world.

Booknetic SaaS Highlights

There is no limit to the number of tenants who can be registered.

You can have an unlimited number of tenants/subscribers in your Booknetic SaaS system. Simply put, Booknetic SaaS places no restrictions on you.

Labeling in white

You can white label all information, such as the system name, logo, and site URL, even if you created the system in

Booknetic SaaS, so your customers will only see your brand and will not be aware that the system is Booknetic.

Super-Administrator panel is widely available.

The super admin panel is a very user-friendly panel where you can see a list of your own tenants

Monitor reports, edit settings, and control the entire system.

The ability to design your own price table

Assume you want to create plans that are appropriate for you; Booknetic SaaS allows you to create plans that fit your price, permission, and limits.

Assume you’re creating a price list with the following options: Free plan ($0)

Starter plan ($9), and Guru plan ($19). In accordance with this plan, you can also set special permissions and limits.

Each tenant has their own administrative panel.

After completing the registration process, each tenant has their own admin panel.

To put it another way, they can use this dashboard to manage their own appointments and add their own services, staff, and locations.

In general, this section contains all of the sections where they can modify their booking page.

Unique Booking URL for each tenant

Tenants will be able to share this link with their customers and accept bookings online.

Group Appointment

All you need to do is specify the number of customers that can attend the appointment and set the limits accordingly.

Telegram notifications

By using this feature, you will be instantly notified about every new appointment and sale.

Payment links for appointments

This system will provide your business with the ability to create and send customized payment links for each appointment. 

Another great feature of this system is that it allows customers to pay for their appointments online. 

This is extremely convenient for customers who may not be able to make it to your physical location or who may not have the means to pay in cash.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications are one of the most important features that will get you to the tenant. 

By using Booknetic’s system, you can send automatic email notifications to your customers, staff, and admins.

Visual Translator Module

This module is used to manage the visual translation of a booking system. You can translate your booking system into any language with this module without any coding knowledge. 카지노사이트

So customers from all around the world can book appointments in their own language.

Multiple Locations

This way, your customers will know exactly what to expect when they book an appointment at a particular location.

You can offer your customers more personalized service by using these features in the Booknetic system. 

By doing this, you can offer your customers more personalized service.

Custom Appointment Statuses

This is a very useful feature for businesses that have appointment-based services.

If you have a lot of appointments, then this add-on will be very helpful in managing them.

Multi booking feature

This way, you can manage your customers better and provide them with a personalized experience. 

With this feature, businesses can easily scale up their operations by allowing customers to book multiple appointments in a single session.

Ratings & Reviews

As a business owner, you would want to offer your customers the best possible experience.

Reporting Module

This module will help you improve your business performance by giving detailed information about it.

Extra Services

By offering extra services, you can make the booking process easier for your customers and increase customer satisfaction. The Extra Services feature will boost your sales by up to 20% without raising any prices at your service.


You can offer your customers a better experience by giving them the opportunity to book appointments even on days when you’re closed.


Use the Webhook feature to increase your integration capabilities tenfold by integrating with Zapier or IFTTT. 

By using this booking system, you will get access to features such as multi-vendor, unlimited staff/service providers, customer management, flexible booking rules

And payment gateway integrations. You will also be able to generate reports and invoices.


Coupons are one of the features that make this booking system different from others. You can provide discounts to your customers by using coupons. 

With the Booknetic plugin, you can easily add and manage coupons. Go to the Coupons menu and click on the ADD COUPON button.

RTL Support

This is a great convenience for users who are used to RTL languages, as they will be able to use the Booknetic booking plugin with no issues.


With Booknetic’s new Taxes add-on, you can easily add this percentage to the price of your services by creating a Tax and assigning it to the appropriate locations and services.

Fully Customizable Booking Widget

The first thing you will notice about the Booknetic appointment booking plugin is its fully customizable booking widget.

Workflows module

You can use it to build business processes or create simple rules, like sending a confirmation email to the customer when an appointment is booked.

Customer Panel

With the customer panel, Tenants can manage or change their appointments, as well as create their profiles and make any changes. 

This feature makes perfect use for its work towards selling plans through Booknetic SaaS. 

If you manage a business that relies on appointments or booking, then you know how important it is to have a dependable, user-friendly system.

What Are the Benefits of Using Booknetic SaaS?

Accessibility – With Booknetic SaaS, your tenants can access their appointment data from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Scalability – As your business grows, so does your need for appointment management solutions. 

Booknetic SaaS is designed to grow with your business, so you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing the system. User-friendly – Booknetic SaaS is designed with the user in mind.

Pricing – With Booknetic SaaS, you can offer different plans with desired permissions and limitations to your tenants. 카지노 블로그

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