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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, As is customary, many trends emerge just before Fashion Month, and these trends shape.

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, As is customary, many trends emerge just before Fashion Month, and these trends shape. 바카라사이트

For some, this may feel like a repetition of styles and looks, as well as specific pieces that receive far too much attention.

Some of which we never thought would survive – the “ugly sneaker” trend, for example – but are now adored by almost everyone.

Statement knits are less popular right now because it’s still summer and temperatures aren’t dropping.

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, Needless to say, in fashion, we are always a little ahead of the curve, so right now I’m researching the best

Fall/Winter 2019 knits, and I’ve collaborated with Veronica Beard, a brand dear to my heart, to style three of their best.

But, since New York Fashion Week is here and all you want to know is what to wear, we combined the two and created three amazing fashion week

Looks that will be street style worthy and then the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe!

As you know, I’m the girl who wears dresses with boots or sneakers. I love high heels, but only with my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, not with a dress.

I’m not saying dresses and heels don’t work, but this is a personal style quirk that distinguishes me.

The same goes for layering knitwear with dresses and skirts. 카지노사이트

It’s always been one of my go-to outfits when I’m not sure what to wear.

I worked with three knits for this collaboration that are very understated but make a statement in detail:

The first has a “western” feel with the detail on the back.

With the zipper, you can wear it as a turtle neck with your hair tucked in, or open to

Show off your favorite stacked necklaces. Because the knit has a close fit on the bottom

I thought it would be cool to layer it over the maxi-dress, which is also fitted around the hips, creating a beautiful silhouette.

However, a flat or heel would be too feminine, so opt for a cool pair of Western boots.

My second look features one of my favorite Fall dresses. The color is perfect – as you know, I’m not afraid to wear pink – and the fit is fantastic.

It’s a little tricky with a cab ride, but I’m not bothered if there’s a little wrinkle in the end.

I styled it with those ugly sneakers and sporty sunglasses to keep the “cool-girl” vibe and keep it from being too “sweet.

They don’t help much with the sun, but they look cool. Especially with the second knit I chose

Which has a strong shoulder and a turtle neck and thus lends an air of attitude to the overall look.

I believe a “sweet” dress like this should be worn as follows:

Finally, an ivory sleeveless turtleneck. This was, to be honest

A challenge for me because I don’t like my arms and thus frequently choose something that covers at least the upper part of them.

But when I saw this little corduroy dress, I knew I had to go for the edgy-girl look.

Imagine if I went all out cute in a little dress like this; you’d probably mistake me for a schoolgirl LOL!

Not what I’m looking for. As with the first two looks, I like an element of surprise that shakes up the whole look, and I think I’ve achieved that with the hiking boots. 카지노 블로그

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